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Esscential Woman

Where the essence of beauty is you.


Nourish Your Health and Well-Being Using Natural Products

Carmellia Brown, Owner

Hello, and welcome to the website of Esscential Woman. Here, I am all about offering products that benefit all of my customers 

physically and mentally.

My merchandise is majority herbal and can soothe the outer and inner modes. While

some of my items are of a spiritual nature, it is not restricted as to who can use them. My soaps and bath products are vegan friendly.

All of what is listed on the website is very easy to use and is available for everyone’s enjoyment.

Disclaimer: I do NOT claim to cure anything: this applies to both regular and spiritual products advertised on my website. Please apply fire safety to use when using candles. Thank you in advance for your patronage. Blessed be!




And More

My Mission and Vision

My overall mission is to promote natural, homemade products infused with personal attention, love, intention and a heartfelt desire to give the absolute best in spiritual and natural beauty care.

About Me

I have 22 years total in the healthcare industry holding a MBA in Healthcare Management, 14 years of experience in nursing and is also a mother of three, all of whom have a disability. I have obtained aromatherapy and herbal knowledge. I learned a long time ago that scents could either calm or have a negative effect. I decided to use that talent to help others.

Company Information

I launched Esscential Woman on May 2020. What inspired me to start this business was my huge concern about physical, mental, and spiritual health. I have a background in health care, and I have more than 20 years of industry experience.

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